Windows and Doors

Windows and doors can change the entire style of a home, from modern and trendy to a more rustic, older feeling. We can install both and meet any requirements you have, suiting any design and style of the house in question.

Window Installation Service

We make sure our windows are secure, durable and require as little maintenance as possible, aside from the occasional clean. We suggest double glazed windows since they’re more cost effective over time and if you have children or live in a busy area we’d also suggest strengthened safety glass with handles that auto-lock, so you can have peace of mind when opening and closing windows.

Door Installation Service

For doors, ease of use and security is our biggest concern; ensuring they are secure so you and your family can feel safe in your home. With easy to use locks and well fitted, strong doors you won’t have to worry, satisfaction guaranteed.

Bespoke Windows and Doors

Both our windows and doors can be designed for the style of your home or what’s needed, such as frosted glass for bathrooms with the same window frame design, or a front door with a peep hole.

So if you require our fast window or door installation services or simply just a quote on your property, look no further than Dorset DPC.