Timber Preservation

Rot is well, rotten and no one enjoys finding it eating though our buildings, but what is it and what can it do?

Issues with Rot

Dry rot and wet rot can be found in any building new or old, however if it is found you should get it cleared as soon as possible because the fungi can completely destroy all types of wood, from furniture to structural beams.

The decay begins when timber has been wet and damp for some time allowing the spores a place to set up. The most well-known fungus is dry rot, Serpula Lacrymans, which is also the most serious of the bunch. Serpula Lacryman can spread to pretty much any timber in its vicinity and decay it incredibly quickly. However, the most common rot to affect your property is wet rot; this occurs much more frequently and is caused by the Coniophora Puteana fungus.

Treating the affected area

If your property has been affected by some form of rot then it is extremely important to prevent this from happening again. Our timber preservation service uses common preservatives to protect the wood from future infection.

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