Structural Repairs

Cracks and holes tearing your home apart and looking incredibly unsightly? Here at Dorset DPC we have a friendly, fully certified team with a great attitude to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with our service and with affordable prices for any type of building work needed, what’s more could you ask for?

Luckily here in the UK natural disasters are much tamer compared to tornados and tsunamis of other countries, however even so, natural corrosion does take apart buildings over time especially in older homes, so of course every now and again you’ll need parts of your building repaired.

Buildings can be damaged from various causes including:

  • Poorly restrained or tied walls
  • Ground movement (even England shakes a little!)
  • Extreme weather conditions – Floods, freezing etc.
  • Being struck with force
  • General wear and tear

As technologies became more advanced the repairing process has become more precise meaning we can pin point the problem areas and accurately give you a quote at an affordable price to match the repair of the damage. This also ensures the repairing process is much faster giving us more flexibility to schedule repairs around you.

So when looking for a company for all your structural repair needs look no further than Dorset DPC.