Structural Defects

As with anything in life, nothing last forever and this applies to buildings as well. You will often find that buildings and important structural beams and pillars move or change. This can often cause structural defects in the building that if left, can cause major structural damage leaving the building uninhabitable.

Causes of Structural Defects

There are many reasons why structural defects may occur in your property. Below are just a few of the common causes of structural defects.

  • Fatigue from movement
  • Timber infected by water ingress or decay
  • Mechanical impacts
  • Mechanical disturbances
  • Ground movement or subsidence
  • Poorly retrained or tied walls

Repair of Structural Defects

When structural defects occur in your property it is extremely important that they are repaired by a professional as quickly as possible. Many solutions are available, however below are a few of the forms of mechanical restraints we may recommend to incorporate as part of the repair system:

  • Structural wall ties and restraints
  • Embedded wall stitching
  • Strapping
  • Structural pinning
  • Resin bonding
  • Resin beam repairs

Due to the severity of these repairs we recommend any repair should be specifically for the cause of the problem and repaired by a professional structural engineer to ensure safety and guarantee of the work.

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