We believe that to get the most out of your home or work environment, refurbishing your property is a great cost effective option. Not only does it improve the look but can also increase productiveness in others.

Our expert team can help you refurbish any size office or home to give you that breath of fresh air whilst also utilising space and maximising it to its potential, stylised to your needs or if you’re feeling more adventurous an extension for a spare room or even a conservatory for those sunny summer days.

Refurbishment Design Service

The team also can help you design the space in question if you’re unsure of the direction you want to go, which is great help for offices making them look a lot more stylish and jazzy and not just for the employees but also the clients that come to visit! It can also increase the price of a home by anywhere from £500 to £15,000 per room so it’s definitely worth thinking about if you’re about to get your home surveyed and valued to get you a little extra cash on top and it’s not that expensive to do, what a payoff!

Our refurbishment service is top notch and we guarantee satisfaction for both our clients and their clients with our many years of experience and happy clients! If you wish to view some of our work, you can view our gallery of works as well as read some of our client reviews in the testimonials. This service also goes well with another of our services, decorating.

If you wish to contact us with any questions or ask for a quote feel free to us call us on 01202 879139.