Flood Restoration

There is both long term and short time implications when a floor strikes your property; of course you may have to evacuate the property, leaving your possessions behind however it’s not just your belongings that will be affected, the building itself will require repairs.

Avoiding flood damage

If there is a flash flood we’d understand if you have no countermeasures in place for preventing a flood, however if your property is in a flood prone area then we suggest you prepare for the unfortunate event. At Dorset DPC we can undertake an assessment of your property to ensure all the possible measures are in place to safeguard against any impact the flood may have. To arrange an assessment of your property give us a call on 01202 879139.

Undertaking Flood Restoration

After a flood occurs and impacts your property, too often general builders don’t understand the long term effects that can occur when a building is wet and important steps to recovering and repairing your property are missed. This leaves you with long lasting damage to your property and higher repair costs to recover from the damage. That is why we always suggest you hire a floor restoration specialist to repair your building to ensure proper care and recovery is provided and long-term resilience to your home. A floor restoration specialist will also be able to give guidance on how to dry out the entire building and preventing the many issues that may appear over time such as mould and dampness.

If your property has been affected by a flood get in touch with one of our floor restoration specialists today on 01202 879139. We’ll ensure your property is returned to its former glory in no time.