Condensation & Mould Control

Condensation is a real dampener on your day especially when you find it in your property. However, you don’t have to let it be, get in touch with the team at Dorset DPC to arrange a free no obligation quote to fix your condensation issues.

What is condensation?

So what is condensation and how did it get there? As cold air enters a building the air is warmed for the comfort of the occupants, the warm air picks up moisture from activity of the occupants, such as breathing, cooking, and drying clothes. The warm and now moist air comes into contact with cold surfaces, such as windows and walls and is cooled below its dew point and condensation is formed as excess moisture is released.

Problems with Condensation

Although condensation is to be expected in areas with lots of hot running water such as bathrooms and toilets it can still cause unsightly discolouration, stains and decay. As well as this condensation can cause interstitial condensation within the structure of the building and is easily mistaken for rising and penetrating damp.

Get in control of your Condensation

To get your condensation problem under control get in touch with our team of highly skilled and experienced contractors today on 01202 879139. Our team will be more than happy to come to your property and complete a free no obligation survey of the affect area and recommend the best treatment of the condensation.