Chimney Works

Due to the location of a chimney it is often prone to damage and deterioration; whether the chimney is new or not, rain water can leak into the stack or cold weather can cause water in cracks to freeze. Processes like this can cause chimneys to corrode much faster than normal leading to damage to the chimney.

Chimney Repairs and Maintenance Service

Our team of chimney specialists can inspect points of interest and give great advice on whether it will need heavy repairs or just a touch up. Of course, they can also do full chimney installations and repairs where the chimney has completely broken down and is in need of a completely new chimney. As well as chimney repairs we also offer general maintenance for your chimney to ensure it is in full working order.

We’ll quote you fairly and the service itself is also very affordable and with our friendly team of experts we’ll be sure to give you nothing less than 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

So if you need great, affordable chimney maintenance and repairs look no further than Dorset DPC.